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Vital Flex Core

Vital Flex Core™ Is A Futuristic Technology Designed To Melt Stubborn Belly Or Excess Fat Instantly And Build Strong Abs From The Core.

It’s The Most Comfortable And Superfast Muscle-building Tool That Asks For No Professional Or Trainer To Begin.

Regular Price: $129/single pack
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What Exactly The Vital Flex Core Is?

Vital Flex Core body device Vital Flex Core device

It’s a smart electronic muscle stimulation device that was introduced to help people trying to lose excess pounds and for bodybuilders to melt fat and build muscle incredibly and implausibly. You wear this electric pad over your abdominal muscles and it begins to show the magic.

With this advanced and futuristic exercise equipment, you strengthen the core and burn excess fat rapidly. Shaping your body is the most difficult and gruesome process, so our experts were trying to design something that can turn this intricate process into the easiest one.

They came up with the idea of Vital Flex Core. This muscle stimulator stimulates muscles from the core. You don’t just lose the excess pounds but also get the best strength in your muscles. The most interesting thing about this electronic pad is that there is no age gap.

People of any age can use this device and enjoy their life. The design, the stability, and it’s 10 intensity levels are phenomenal.

✅ This futuristic device works from the core to build strong abs in a superfast way
✅ A never-failing device to withstand and melt your belly fat
✅ It helps burn stubborn fat around your thighs or buttocks

Follow the guidelines or instructions to enjoy endless benefits with this powerful stimulator. You can now build abs and lose fat without hiring any professional. 

Vital Flex Core Reviews

betty star 1
Verified Purchase ✅
"NextGen Abs is the real deal. The increase in lean muscle, fat loss and overall quality was a little bit unbelievable to be honest. I need to order these for my dad before they are released into stores."
tina star 2
Verified Purchase ✅
"My boyfriend bought me this as a surprise gift. It surprisingly works really well. It's toned my arms just enough and took off a little fat around my mid-section."
stephen star 3
Verified Purchase ✅
"Very good device. As soon as I put it on my abs, I could feel it working. Received mine last week, can see some results already. Would recommend to anyone.”

Vital Flex Core IS AVAILABLE WITH A 68%

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How Does Vital Flex Core WorK?

People always wonder how this electronic device delivers rapid-fast results, and what’s the logic or science behind this. Do you understand electrical impulses? It is a form of electrical energy released by the activity of electrons and other subatomic particles. Now our nervous system will send signals around the body.

So, the electrical impulses are used in this device to stimulate motor neurons. In turn, it helps relax muscles and contractions once the neurons are stimulated. Once you attach this device to your abdominal muscles or area, it begins to send electric currents to your specific areas like arms, legs, and abdomen.

It will cause swift contraction in your muscles that lasts for a few seconds but is gruesome to achieve even with exercising or a heavy workout in the gym. Exercising does help influence your muscles, but not as fast as the Vital Flex Core can do.

It bypasses the central nervous system process and therefore, it is much faster in reducing your excess pounds and building unreal abs swiftly. Its way of action is outstanding and flawless. It also influences the health of your cardiovascular system by improving blood flow throughout the body.

  • Pain in the lower back is the most common issue, but not anymore as you are going to love its functioning in your lower back.
  • It helps your body burn calories faster than you are eating, calorie deficit is more important for successfully losing weight.
  • It works even for allergic people as there is nothing that can cause a negative reaction after going inside.
  • Strengthens your core and stimulates muscles to reveal strong abs faster and with minimum effort.
  • Instant and superfast recovery of strength of energy after an intense or heavy workout session.
  • The 10 intensity levels and 6 modes in this electronic pad help contract your muscles effectively.
  • It’s an implausible device that is beneficial for people of all ages, even beginners.
  • It’s the most convenient and swift way of building head-turning muscles.

Key Features of Vital Flex Core

  • Single Tap Operation

    You can operate this device just from a single tap. Just put it on your body and tap on the button, and it will start giving you the electric current that will begin the process of shaping your body.
  • Long-lasting Power

    The Vital Flex Core offers you a dedicated battery life. Charge it once and use it for days. It consists smart battery that gives you advanced backup.
  • Portability

    Portability is one of the features that makes this product different from all the available fitness equipment. If you have planned a tour, but do not want to miss your workout. Worry not! The Vital Flex Core has got you covered. Put it in your bag and travel with it anywhere, because it’s lightweight and handy.
  • Features LED Bright Display

    The display of EMS (electronic muscle stimulator) features a bright LED display to give you a perfect vision of the device or settings.
  • Customization

    It offers personalization. You can personalize goals according to your needs or at your own pace. You can choose the modes and intensity levels accordingly.
  • 6 Modes of Operation and 10 Intensity Levels

    You can choose from different modes and set intensity levels as your body has the potential to. Do not rush when you just begin to use it. Upgrade the setting gradually once your body gets used to it.

Vital Flex Core IS AVAILABLE WITH A 68%

Vital Flex Core Price
warning 1
90 days money back guarantee

90 Day 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

The Vital Flex Core will be available for you to test out for 90-day. You can apply for our FULL refund if you are among the 0.1% who are not satisfied.

Consider this a trial run in case things don't go your way. It device may work. If it doesn't, you can ask for your money back.

Benefits of Vital Flex Core

  • The EMS tones your core muscles, pelvic floor, lower back, abdominals, obliques, and almost all the muscles through electric current.
  • Turns the gruesome task of shaping your body into the most seamless one by stimulating muscles from the core.
  • Instant muscle recovery – more advanced in restoring energy and strength during intense or heavy workouts.
  • It influences your cardiovascular health as it matters the most when you want to stay healthy and active.
  • Melts down excess fat from your belly, buttocks, and thighs, and transport them to your muscles.
  • It makes you attain good posture and get over discomfort in your lower back or thighs.
  • Vital Flex Core helps you achieve weight loss goals in the shortest time possible.
  • Builds muscle strength from the core impressively and rapidly.
  • Takes your fitness journey to the next level.
  • It enhances your joint flexibility and mobility.
How To Use It

Guidelines are added in the box to get better results from this sophisticated technology. Experts suggest that 20 minutes of exercise with Vital Flex Core is enough to achieve results.

✅ Now tap on the button, and the device will begin to introduce its magic in shaping your body
✅ Now place it on to your abdomen and ensure it’s in direct contact with your skin
✅ Once you get the delivery, charge the device using a USB Cable
✅ Use it daily, up to six to eight weeks to get optimal results
✅ Ensure the device is fully charged


*68% Of Customers Order 2 Devices (Our Recommended Option)

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Regular Price: $129
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Vital Flex Core EMS Stimulator is a device that uses electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to target and tone your abdominal muscles.

The Vital Flex Core EMS Stimulator sends electrical impulses to your abdominal muscles, causing them to contract and relax, similar to the way they do during exercise.

Anyone looking to tone and strengthen their abdominal muscles can benefit from using the Vital Flex Core EMS Stimulator. It is also great for people who may not have time to exercise regularly or who have difficulty performing traditional abdominal exercises.

Yes, the Vital Flex Core EMS Stimulator is safe to use when used as directed. However, it should not be used by individuals with pacemakers or other implanted medical devices.

It is available through For a limited time, we offer three discounted packages: Basic Device - $49.

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